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Facilities Rental

The majority of programs and events offered through Gray Parks and Recreation are offered at Newbegin Gym and the outdoor recreational facilities in Pennell Park directly adjacent to the Henry Pennell Municipal Complex.

The Gray Recreation Department also manages and coordinates the activities and events at Wilkies Beach on Crystal Lake and at Libby Hill Forest Trails.


Newbegin Gym is an ideal location to rent out for birthdays, special events and recreational activities. The majority of use is for small groups (such as a child’s birthday) that want to play basketball, dodge ball, indoor soccer or other sports. Food and beverages are not allowed in the building. If there is a special event other than sports ( such as a meeting or small gathering) we will need to cover the gym floor with a vinyl floor covering. 

The outdoor recreational facilities surrounding Newbegin (2 beach volleyball courts, 1 basketball court, 2 softball fields and multi-use fields) are open to the public to use on a first come, first serve basis.